Coaching / Career Counseling

We can help you with your career planning!
How can we help you with your career change? In a first step, it's about your individual personal capabilities. What are my skills and potentials? This is the basis for defining your ideal career field and the formulation of your application documents.
We advise focused on your needs, we are pleased to guide and give you instant feedback on your person as well as on the way you want to pursue it. Use our career counseling and career coaching as your path to success.
Take the opportunity to align your life and your career, and find out what's really inside you - 'brand yourself'. Our experienced consultants will assist you in this process. We accompany you on request during your application process.
Contact us also, if you need feedback on your application form, or if you want us to prepare you professionally for an upcoming job interview.
You look for an experienced coach with years of industry and management experience to guide you and advise you to be more effective back at your work?

We look forward to your call or send us your requests and coordinate an appointment via the contact page. We call you back immediately!

Our Partners

Application Coaching

Everything depends on a good application!
The application is your business card. Seize this opportunity to achieve a good and professional appearance and thus the next round and the invitation for an job interview.
With good application forms/dossiers you might gain nothing, but you definitely lose with a bad dossier in the first contact with your potential future employer - the opportunity to personally present yourself at the company.
Our experienced application consultants can assist you in all matters concerning your application - such as:

  • Formulation or revision of your cover letter
  • Creation or optimization of your resume
  • Putting together your documents
  • Prepare for your job interview

Or you need assistance in the review / assessment of a reference certificate that you received from your employer? Perhaps you will also be asked to give your employer an input for your reference?
This and many more services, we can do individually and professionally for you.
We look forward to hear from you!


Outplacement / Coaching for Employers / Employees

Your workplace will be eliminated soon and your employer offers you the opportunity for an outplacement?
You want to offer your employees an individual outplacement after the termination of the contract as support for his/her re-orientation on the market?
We support the employees that have been terminated, and accompany them professionally on their way to a new job in the critical first 100 days.
A fair dismissal process delivers benefits for both sides. For the employee the following question often arises - why me and not another employee or my colleague?

As an employer, you often wonder how you can make the personnel changes constructively without thereby possibly suffering a loss of reputation.
Our customers are increasingly recognizing the importance of a well-planned separation management for both sides. Therefore more and more companies offer their employees the possibility of an outplacement.

Our outplacement services do support you and are showing opportunities - for the employee, to quickly return back into a new job and for the company to know that the employee has a new job again.